Return of the Living Dead 2

Ok here we are. The first movie i decided to watch this Halloween season was Return of the Living Dead 2. Now based on the title I’m sure you can deduce there is a part 1, however, as a kid i only remember seeing part 2. I did see part 1 more recently and i prefer part 2.

This is a great old school zombie movie. The zombies are slow and they eat brains, Oh! and they rise from graves too!! Now the movie scared me as a kid and still has a few creepy parts but i will admit its a bit campy. Its got a very late 80’s early 90’s feel to it with a very Michael Jackson “Thriller” kind of way. This is probably a good flick to watch with kids, sure it may scare them a bit because they are kids but nothing like today’s zombies movies, its not overly violent with lots of sex (not that those are bad things). It has all the making’s old school horror movies had. Cold rainy day, graveyard, grave robbers, bullies and revenge.

The story begins with a military truck transporting barrels of Trioxin. These barrels contain the substance from original Return of the Living Dead, which caused a zombie outbreak. The soldiers driving this truck (who are smoking marijuana) driving through a downpour, don’t notice when a barrel breaks loose from the truck, which falls into a river near new housing development in the town of Westvale. The barrel is found by some boys who release Trioxin gas, which subsequently enters a nearby cemetery causing the dead to return once again.

Several actors from Return of the Living Dead Part 1 (return if you will) as different characters. The “Tar-Man” zombie from part 1 also appears.

I would give this flick 3 out of 5 stars.

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