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I thought this was worth posting. If you were to ask me who is my hero (not a good word) or my idol, someone i look up to then i would have to say this man. Vangelis. Vangelis’s music is what got me into making music, well kinda. I loved the music very much, and when i am really into something do i research, i want to know everything about that thing. What i found out about Vangelis is all his amazing music is made by electronic instruments (keyboards, synthesizers etc). This intrigued me like nothing else, to think i could make music that had violins, cello’s, chimes, guitar and anything else you can think of without actually having to learn each instrument. This is something i wanted to do, and i now do, as a hobby. I am not a “band” type of guy, i just don’t think i play well with others when it comes to that sort of thing. Anywhoo….Thank god for my good friend Steve (aka blackdog) from Canada. I had stumbled upon a Vangelis song that i liked and sent it to blackdog to hear, he saw that it was composed by Vangelis and said to me “oh Vangelis, he is amazing!”. Statements like this intrigue me, so i went on a downloading spree and i was hooked. Vangelis is not only amazing at music he is just an amazing person; he hates the limelight, rarely does interviews, is very intelligent and the list goes on.

To my knowledge the latest thing he had done is the soundtrack to the film “Alexander” which was released in 2005. It appears that in 2011 he did a show in Qatar, a sort of world peace thing. He was interviewed and i just watched it, i think its worth watching.

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  • Steve Gerro

    February 25, 2012 at 10:42 pm

    Well first off let me thank you for the kind words my bro. There is just something so incredible about the tallent and intellect of this man. This is a great interview and you can clearly see that he is a man of LOVE and Peace. I don’t think i can get enough of his music. Indeed a very tallented man.

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