Insidious 2

There can be good sequels, it’s not very often but it does happen and in this case, it happened.

Whats good about this sequel is that it picks up exactly where the other movie leaves off. While the other movie i would consider a horror movie, this one is almost more of a thriller, to me, at least. It’s still about a ghost/demon/haunting/possession but there is just more….mystery surrounding whats going on this time. Having said that, its not much different of a movie compared to the first one and for me, that is not a bad thing, for some, it could be. If your not really into these kinds of movies then your obviously going to hate a series of them. If you do like them, as i do, then its a great series of really good scary movies!

I would give it a 4/5 and rank it high on re-watch-ability.

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