Halo – Shananagins

So my latest obsession lately is recording videos with the Xbox One DVR. I have made so many videos already and there is not shortage of me making more clips, anytime i see anything in game even remotely cool, funny or just messed up i have to take a video of it. Video-game lovers will enjoy the hell out of it, non video-game lovers will have no interest in this stuff.

That being said in this video me and my friend Tom are playing Halo 1 off the Master Chief Collection which is Halo’s 1-4 all in one package. Now Halo 1 & 2 were out on the Original Xbox, that was a long time ago, they updated the graphics best they could and it looks pretty decent as you will see from the video above but Halo 5 which will be made specifically for the Xbox One which is what im using to play these games will look unreal. I never got to play halo 1 or 2 because i never had an Xbox. When the Xbox and the PlayStation 2 were the consoles of that time i was playing mainly computer games, i skipped those consoles all together. Enough of the boring back story. In this video its just me and Tom messing around. You are looking at things from my characters perspective and the other guy hanging around me is Tom. There are NPC’s as well (non playing charecters: the computer if you will). I’m sure this is one of those had to be there kind of things but you will notice at one point Tom asks me to kill him so he can restart with all the weapons reloaded, so i got ready, i aimed, i threw the grenade and someone else ran by at the same time and the grenade stuck to them. You can hear the guys screen “oh god, oh god” then immediately after he explodes you hear another guy yell “whats wrong with you”.

For me and Tom this is hilarious, you may not have the same effect but these are the moments in a multiplayer game that we live for. Check it out.

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