Winter and Videogames.

I enjoy videogames, of coarse in the summer I play a lot less. I like to go to the lake, out on the boat, etc and sitting inside when its beautiful out is a hard pill to swallow. Winter, I do not enjoy so much but it staying inside where its warm is one hell of a reason to play some games and sitting there in from of my woodstove while I do it is pretty close to heaven.

This post however is about a different time, the past. Times change and so do people including there interests and that’s ok but I am very nostalgic person which I no doubt get from my dad, so I don’t like change much and I often yearn for the “old times”. A recent visit from my sister and the rest of the family who moved away reminded me and made me yearn again for those old times. They were talking about moving again and expressing their distaste for winter and the level at which this town is being built up. For some reason it brought a very specific memory to mind. It was a typical winter night at 43 Wagon Wheel road sometime around 1997. There are many things I miss about this time period, see my parents were recently separated and my mom was working a lot and generally just not home. It seemed like it was just my Sister, myself and Brian (her b/f at the time) and it just felt like it was the 3 of us eating dinner, hanging out, renting movies, playing video games etc, it was a lot of fun. My best friend lived right up the street, Richie, and I remember nights playing Tekken 2 tournaments on PlayStation in the basement against Brian and Clint who would be pissed because we would be whopping their asses. Ahh good times, it was perfect, what else could we need? It was a great house in a central location in a great neighborhood. Yet now, that would never fly.

Back to the memory at hand, like I said it was a winter night, me and Brian were in the basement playing tomb raider, we would play together and try to figure out the puzzles. There was a decent snow storm going on outside but at the age I was, the snow was nothing but fun, I didn’t have to shovel, go to work…… none of that crap so the snow, was welcome. At one point Brian wanted to see how it was going out there so he headed through the door into the garage and hit the button to open it up. Typical winter scene, it was nighttime, the snow was coming down good, probably about foot and you had various activity in the neighborhood. Some were shoveling, some were snow blowing, plows were plowing and at least one car or truck was stuck. So Brian thought it would be fun to see if he could help in his bronco, so he headed up the street, and again, that kind of stuff was fun at this time in our life, now of coarse I wouldn’t head out in that weather for fun, only for necessity. I headed back into the basement and sat down with the game paused and waited. He was gone for awhile so at one point I looked back out the garage to see what’s going on and I could see both vehicles up the street, Brian was turning around and heading back. When he came back in he told me about the stuck neighbor and then we resumed playing. That’s about where the memory ends but I have more of them, and nights like that back on Wagon Wheel rd were some of the best I’ve had, late nights playing video games, watching movies or driving around doing nothing. It may seem like such a small thing but the nights going to blockbuster searching for a new movie that would be “a good surround sound movie” were just the best!

The point is, it’s a good memory and it’s sad to think there will never be nights like that again. Those times are over, there are many factors that play into why those times are over but they simply are…..over. Sure, there will be new and different memories but to me, its not the same. Its all good, its not a bad thing just, some people live in the present and look forward, I tend to look behind, its just the way I’m wired. Looking back I can see that’s how dad was too, we used to say he was all about “tradition” but I think he really just liked things “how they used to be”.

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