Wedding Photos & Videos: Part 1

All the photos i have compiled from myself, my new wife :), friends & family. We will not have the professional photographers photos or another few weeks but we will still have superb pictures by us amateur’s! Plus my friend Greg used our video camera to tape the wedding which i have edited and you can see below. You can also see a vintage slideshow video i made using cell phone photos & videos that came out real well. Finally, below that, you can see all the photos i have compiled so far individually.


Hope you enjoyed that, below is the actual wedding video. Edited by myself to include mostly the highlights. There is a 100% uncut, unedited version available for friends and family who ask.

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  • Steve G

    September 6, 2016 at 10:44 pm

    My Amazing FRIEND and BROTHER. I am so very Happy for both yourself and Jess. Wonderful photo’s buddy. It looks like you had a perfect day and i am happy about that. Again much Love and Congratulations to you both.

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