Trans-Siberian Orchestra 2011

Due to time constraints im just posting this blog now.

For the past i don’t even know how many years my dad has gone to see TSO around Christmas time. Most of the time my sister would accompany him. Last year in 2010 we went to go see Mannheim Steamroller which was my choice as i enjoy them, so this year i went to TSO with dad. It was a great show, the music is great but that’s no surprise but the show itself was very visual. Lights, snow, pyrotechnics and more. The entire show was great but i really enjoyed the first half which is a narrated story with music and vocals from the “Christmas Eve & Other stories” album.

So went in to Boston early and headed to the north end (my new favorite place) where we got an early dinner at a small Italian resistant that i can’t remember the name of which is making me angry. Very good food, had some wine, it was nice 🙂

All in all a good day and i have provided some pictures. The first 2 are just some shots of the north end. There is also a video from the same show we were at, i found it on YouTube, i did not take this video.

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