The Proposal

This day didn’t go exactly as planned but in a way i think that makes it more memorable.

I had tried to think of special ways and places to propose to my fiance but everything seemed either tacky or unoriginal so after talking it over with a buddy and realizing the where and how is not that important, just doing it is. So i decided to just wing it.

It was summer time so i decided to take her to our favorite restaurant down at the waterfront, Mama Mia’s. We parked the car walked in, and there was a wait, again summer time. So we put our names down and get one of those pager things that vibrates when our table is ready. So we decide to walk down the waterfront in the meantime, this is perfect! I figure i will find a nice place along the waterfront to propose. Meanwhile i have the ring, inside the box, in my pocket and i’m wearing shorts, so i feel like its bulging out and obvious to see which means i’m trying to walk at all times on the opposite side of Jess from my pocket. Bulging pocket. looking for a good spot. Just being nervous in general about popping the question had me in a frenzy but i had to play it cool. Well we didn’t get far in our walk and the stupid thing starts vibrating, for once i was mad there was a short wait, oh the irony. So we head on back and there is nowhere good on this crowded street! When we got back to the restaurant we got seated in this cozy corner at this tiny table barely big enough for the 2 of us, the other tables around felt as if they were on top of us, i didn’t want to do the cheesy restaurant proposal anyway but now… even less.

So we just ate dinner and had wine, i needed wine at this point because all i was thinking was how am i gonna pull this off, where am i going to do this? I had nothing…..

We finished dinner and headed out, it was just becoming dusk now, the best time of night in the summer but i still had no plan and we were headed for the car. I was doing my typical joking with Jess which was more annoying then funny but hey i was nervous, so she was ahead of me and as i said, getting annoyed, i started fishing in my pocket for the ring box but it was so big it wouldn’t come out very easy and i’m hoping she doesn’t see it before i’m ready.  So i said “Well maybe i can make it up to you” and started down to one knee, and she turned around and saw the ring and my pose and it seemed like she has to process it for 5 seconds. Then she put her hands over her mouth. She fell to her knees looking at the ring, still in shock.

Proposal Site

Blueprint of the proposal location!

So we are on the sidewalk in-between the restaurant and the parking lot and  i asked “Sooo is that a yes?” to which she replied “yes”, i put the ring on her finger, we stood up and kissed. Then i drove us home while she made phone calls from the passenger seat telling people the news!

It was a good day!

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