The Old Days….?

I remember when the internet was new, wow it was actually exciting to download things, browse and chat with people. These are just normal tasks these days but it has changed, now everything is done on Facebook, not many people use AOL instant messenger or ICQ or even windows messenger, although some people do use Skype. So i still have all of these programs but not many people are on these days and i myself don’t even turn it on often, only if i know ill be sitting at the PC for an extended time.

Now call me a geek, call me whatever, but here it is Friday night after work, I’m drinking some beer, listen to music and chatting to my OLD friend Steve from Canada (Blackdog was his handle, back when we had handles) who i met back in those days, we have stayed in touch for 10 years or more easy and I’m having a blast. Its still fun, I’m sending him links to YouTube videos, we are talking about our animals its good old fashioned chat like people use to do. I’m sure these days most people would just post a status update on Facebook and troll around reading the comments people leave instead of actually talking to a real friend for a length of time.

I guess i can actually be called “old fashioned” (GASP!!)


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