Summer Juice

I decided to make my own summertime drink. Of coarse mason jars are “all the rage” right now so i went with some of those. At first i wanted maybe (4) mason jars. The particular store i was at only sold them as full kits (12) for making jam. So i decided to get the smaller jars and get a full set. I had a general idea of what i wanted to make which was a fruity drink with a lemonade base. I went to the fruit section and got some strawberries and raspberries, in hindsight i would like to add blueberries for color. I then headed over to the juice section and got a gallon of simply lemonade (raspberry flavor). Lastly was the booze store where i went with watermelon vodka.

Simply titled “The Juice” here you have it. I have still not tasted it yet, as of this posting, because im allowing/waiting for the juices to blend naturally. Help yourself to this recipe and remember to add blueberries!

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