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So much for being ready for summer.

In call a back to my earlier post about my lawn mower it seems i am destined to have more projects and more money to spend.

So i went out a few days later to mow the lawn and i noticed the 2 front tires of the lawn tractor were low. I knew i had to act fact and get air in there but the only way to get air to the tires was to get the tractor to the driveway where i could use the air compressor. I started it up and headed that way, i didn’t very far when both tires just came off the rim, my luck. This has never happened before, i have used the fix a flat before and i have had to move the tractor with low tires before.


This was a Sunday so i was screwed so i called the mower fixing shop the following Monday and got a quote, in total it would be $118 to get these 2 new tires, and that was with me taking them off and bringing them to shop, ouch! So due to my lack of time i had to do it before work on morning in the rain.


Yeah boo-hoo i know, there are worse things. It is a simple thing though you just need to jack the mower up like i did and then remove the tires end cap. For me, there was just a cotter pin holding the tires on. It had to be bent into a straight shape and then pulled out. The tire slides off. I took plastic baggies and put them on the axle to protect them from rain while the tires were being replaced which by the way takes a day. I had to drop them off and pick them up another day, you would think they just do it quickly there but no…

However despite the pain in the ass and the money it is really nice having new tires that hold air, its one less thing to worry about.


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