Signs of Summer

My lawn is ready to be mowed, heck, i have friends and family who have already mowed but i have been hindered by mower problems.

I have a friend who works on lawn mowers, small engine stuff. I usually like to have him give it a once over after every winter before i start using it, so at first that’s what i was waiting for. With the wedding coming up and what not i just cant spend the money to have it looked at this spring and it had a full tune up last spring so really, it should be fine. Add fresh gas, check the fluids, and go. My 2 front tires were flat though, this has been an ongoing issue and i basically need new tires. They get so flat the fall off the rim and its a pain to get them filled back up, not sitting on the rim properly they air just leaks out. So i waited another week because i was going to buy new tires. Same thing, after some thought i didn’t want to spend the money. So i bought 2 cans of fix-a-flat and jammed that in there, finally the tires are fixed but the battery is dead. That’s my fault, i should have disconnected it in the fall. So i charged it over night and the charger said it was good but it didn’t crank very long and after its long sleep it wasnt enough to get it going. So now im thinking great i also need a new battery, more money. I charged it one more night and then went to start it up today and it cranked much better and fired up!

We are ready to go and for me, this is a sure sign on summer. It seems like i have been waiting so long but now, it is here. I have to spend a whole day picking up branches and sticks that have fallen into the yard but i should be mowing soon. Exciting.

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