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Shower keeps running – FIX!

This probably happens to everyone/every home/every shower at some point. However this fix will only work if your shower also uses the symmons temptrol system. If it looks like mine (see pictures) then you have the symmons temptrol. Now i cant take credit for the “how-to” as i did what i always do, i google and YouTube. There is isn’t anything you cant figure out how to do using YouTube. So i have to give credit to this plumber on YouTube for sharing, i used this video here.

I also wanted to replace the grate and the faucet as they were rotted and just looked…..gross.

20150828_103143The faucet simply unscrews, i put a screwdriver in the faucet to break it free. Then simple screw the new one on.

faucetThe grate was much harder, it was stuck on there good. Just unscrew the top piece with a Philips head. The bottom part which looks like cross needs to be removed with a pair of pliers but not how you think, what you need to do is stick the handles into 2 of the cross holes and spin it. Mine took a lot of elbow grease. I don’t have a picture of the old one so here is the new one which is the same thing.


pliersSo 9 times out of 10 the leak (we are talking leaking from where the water should come out, it just never fully stops)  the culprit is the spindle and it needs a new gasket kit.

20150828_165611I think this was about $10. SO get at the spindle you need to remove the shower knob, again not as hard as it seems. Use a flat head to pop the screw cover off then use a Philips the unscrew the handle off.

screwThen on each side of the hand are 2 more flat head screws, remove those and the entire assembly will come off.

entieunitNow you will be able to see the spindle, its what you see when you expose whats behind your assembly. Use an adjustable wrench and unscrew this entire unit.

spindleOnce you remove it there are 3 gaskets, they are actually pretty elf explanatory, the only hard part is the middle one. Your suppose to be able to back off the metal ring on top of the gasket but its never that easy, refer the video above. He recommends using a file to saw it off, that’s exactly what i did.

Simple put all 3 gaskets back on and put everything back together.

moredetailsgasketsI hope that helps someone!

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