Ride for a cause!

While doing clinicals in the ICU i got to talking to one of the nurses about things. Cancer being one of them and how we both lost out fathers at a young age. One thing led to another and i was informed there was a bike ride the upcoming Sunday for a Doctor who worked at the hospital and who was recently diagnosed with brain cancer. Me and my friend Sean go mountain biking all the time so i asked him and we decided we would participate.

Im glad we could do and show our support and people seemed appreciative that we came, although the bike ride was suppose to be 50 miles we only managed to do about 14. The mountains bikes could not keep up with the road bikes, the gears are different, they are heavier and the tires are not made for the pavement. We ultimately lost the group after 7 miles so we looped back ending at about 14 miles so it was still a good ride considering it was our first of the year and of coarse, for a great cause.

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