Resided House (Front)

So my house was built in the 80’s so its not a super old house however, there was this material they were using back then that is basically cardboard, particleboard something of the like. It was cheap and easy to install. Problem is, it retained water, and didn’t last long. The front of my house was literally starting to just fall apart, i was starting to feel like the white trash house of the neighborhood. Money is always an issue, people will say things like “just splurge for vinyl, i know its more money but it will last forever”. Yeah but you can squeeze water from a stone, if you cant afford vinyl you cant afford vinyl and that a concept that just seems to escape people, every step of the way during a project these people will say hey splurge more for x, or y, or z and they just don’t get it, THIS IS ALL I HAVE. I did the math and this is what i can afford, now, fuck off! Sorry i had to rant real fast.

Plus, vinyl cannot be painted, whatever color you start with, your stuck with. So in an effort to keep costs down i wanted to reside my house with something i could do myself, so i figured shingles. I priced it all out, it wasn’t to bad, cheaper than vinyl so that’s good, but that was also with grade B shingles, for the front of a house you SHOULD use grade A, but i think i could have got away with it. I was talking about it to my sister when she said they were thinking of doing something similar but using barnboard, which obviously, both of our barns are made out of. It gives you that country look people are all the rage about these days and its a bit unconventional. The good part is you just lays these boards in side by side and cover the gaps with what they call batten, which is s smaller board that lays on top. The main boards are 10 inch wide, the batten is 2 inches wide. You can paint it, or stain in, we plan to stain it at a later time. However one of the draws of doing it this way is if a piece was to ever rot, its easy to remove the batten from each side, pull out the one board and replace it, which is a much bigger deal with vinyl, shingles etc. The other draw was the material is a bit cheaper, you have to order it direct from a saw mill, they will cut it to the dimensions you specify. Again, i was working on this at the same time i was trying to finish the kitchen and both projects had a deadline, so i didn’t have time to shoot video or take many pictures but i do have the before and after for you. I like it, it came out good and my neighbors think so as well, not that it matters but its good to get compliments from them.

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