Family & Nature

When we went to see my sisters new place we toured the property and i wore my action cam. There was a lot of footage and i’m not sure anyone would really watch 15 mins (and that was with it sped up) of me walking around the woods. So i just cut out this chunk which was the ending because i liked it the best.

New Decorative fence

I wanted for a long time to add a fence to separate the driveway from the yard. Well, i had all these posts and boards that removed from the horse corral and replaced with newer wood. The horses need sturdy high fences but because these were old they were smaller, perfect for what i wanted. So i was able to re-purpose this wood, i would still like to power wash the fence and stain it to match the…

Signs of Summer

My lawn is ready to be mowed, heck, i have friends and family who have already mowed but i have been hindered by mower problems. I have a friend who works on lawn mowers, small engine stuff. I usually like to have him give it a once over after every winter before i start using it, so at first that’s what i was waiting for. With the wedding coming up and what not i just cant spend the…

Updated Videos

I updated some videos recently, thought you might wanna know ;). Details are below. Christmas Day 2009 Changed music, title and aspect ratio. Christmas @ Uncle’s 2009 Changed music, title and aspect ratio. Enchanted Village Changed title, music and format. TSO 2012 Added another song and 2 videos to slideshow. Leaking Pipe Fix Changed title Boat Backrest Fix Changed title

Winter Series 2016

I only got 2 good shots this winter so its a small series but here they are. I apologize if you read this post before this update (4/19/2016). There were not just 2 photos in the series but 4! The other 2 photos were taken on a cold winters day but because there was no snow and it was bright i forgot they were winter photos. Artsy and stuff!

Where I Live – Winter 2016

I wanted to test out my new action camera that i bought for the boat this summer (waterskiing, tubing, wakeboading, etc) so i mounted it on the dashboard of y truck on a wintry day and went for a ride around my house. First to the lake where i use my boat and then to the store. Check it out, take a ride.

What I’m Playing: Episode 6

It is based on both on the original fantasy novel series A Song of Ice and Fire and the HBO TV series adaptation. From the TV series it takes the appearance and voice acting of famous characters such as Cersei Lannister, Tyrion Lannister, Jon Snow, Ramsay Snow, Daenerys Targaryen and Margaery Tyrell. It also takes place concurrently with the TV series, starting at the moment of the Red Wedding at the end of the third season and following…