Happy Thanksgiving!

That time of year again, and just wanted to say to anyone vistiting to have a great Thanksgiving. Of coarse today is the day after thankgiving, hey give me a break. I worked today and it was funny i saw about 5 turkey’s walking around in somones yard, they must have thought it was safe now 😉

Greatest Zombie Game Ever?

First off let me say i love zombies, i dont know why..... Anyway i love zombie movies and games like Resident Evil. Always loved that game in fact RE5 comes out soon and that will be good. Left 4 Dead is a new zombie survival horror game from valve who made counter strike, half-life, team fortress and more. They have a good reputation and any game they make its good. I pre-ordered this game and just picked it...

What’s Going On?

Updates here, i know i have not been active here but there are reasons for that. First off i didnt want to bump my Bob Barr for president image. The electionis finally over and we got Obama, do i support Obama? No, but i don’t support McCain either. I don’t have any new music to release and there is a reason for that, the reason being is that i released 2 cd’s in the past few months and…

Lost a Friend

Where to start this….. Well i lost a friend the other day, he died, at this moment in time i still don’t know exactly why although we do have “theories”. I have never lost a friend before, i have had relatives that have passed away but as weird as it sounds this seems more real, to me as im getting older it seems to mean that (as morbid as it sounds) i need to realize that more and…

Just a joke!

A joke that brought us 1 step closer to war with iran, and McSame is still laughing about it. Wow, and this is who YOU want as our president? But then again, im sure you voted for bush too! http://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-politics-mccain-iran-idUSN0832180920080709

Choose Wisely

http://www.campaignforliberty.com/blog/?p=23 Nuff said. Give me one good reason why you NOT voting for him, comments are open to guest’s, if your not voting for him man up and explain why… Oh also please go to the main page of www.campaignforliberty.com and join the revolution, its our only hope.