Nemo, its not a cute Disney Fish!

Well we just got power back yesterday. Winter storm Nemo took it out on Friday (02/08/2013).

I know that compared to many many people 3 days is nothing, but let me tell you, its just long enough to appreciate what we all take for granted. It was boring, yes, but if not for the woodstove which turned out to literally be a lifesaver we would have frozen to death (perhaps not literally but close). It was a rough couple of days and no one could give us an answer as to when power was coming back. I had to stay up most of the nights to keep the woodstove going because for some reason it just doesn’t run long unattended. I was tired, hungry and unkempt.

However power was restored recently and just in time to so i could beat Mass Effect 3 a videogame i have been playing since Christmas.

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