My new MMO: The Secret World

This game is great. It reminds me so much of The Matrix Online (MXO) which i really enjoyed and holds a special place in my heart. Read this post for more on that.

So what do i like about this game? What don’t i like is more like it. Its a modern day setting which you don’t see to much. The characters you create are humans. No dwarfs and elves, not that those things are bad but the MMO world is a bit overrun by the like. I also like that its a horror, zombie, ghost style MMO which you defiantly do not see often. Very macabre. The animation style, the look of the game and the characters all remind me of MXO. Click through the images above to take a look, i snapped those myself in game and that is my character featured in a few of them. I really wish there was a way to get all my old MXO friends over here because i know it would be a ball.

I cant promise this game is for everyone, i know MXO sure wasn’t  However if your bored with the same old MMO’s i would say give this a try.

The game features an original setting created by Funcom, with contemporary elements as well as “magic, myths, conspiracies and dark horrors.”[6] Tørnquist debunked several rumors surrounding The Secret World, stating that “there are no aliens or science fiction elements” in it.[7] He also denied any connection of The Secret World to The Longest Journey.[7]

The game is set in the “modern day real world” but also incorporates pieces of ancient mythologies, real and false history, urban legends, and pop culture, and ties them into an original back-story. The latter is said to go back in time for 100 million years and encompass long extinct ancient civilizations.[2]

The players will assume the roles of supernatural heroes who participate in a “future war between good and evil“, fighting dark monsters that threaten the modern world. Tørnquist identified the genre of the story as dark fantasy, features vampiresdemons, and zombies. The players will be free to travel across different locations of the world (both real, like LondonNew York and Seoul, and mythical, such asAgartha, the legendary city located within Hollow Earth[8] and the Hell dimension) and even in time, to pursue the overall plot and investigate new mysteries in connection to the dark invasion. The overall plot has a conclusion but the designers also leave room for future issues and expansions.

H. P. Lovecraft‘s works, Indiana Jones franchise and Stephen King‘s novels are major inspirations for the game’s settings and storylines

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