Movies & Memories

You never know whats going to trigger a memory.

I decided to put this movie on the other night before bed. As i was scrolling through netflix and saw it, decided to watch it, clicked on it and clicked play at no point was i think of my Dad. However the second the movie opened with the scene of Sean Connery looking around the cold winter Russian landscape from a submarine (red october) that is getting ready to dive, i thought of dad. Not in a bad or sad way, it made me smile, we had watched this movie many times together. He loved anything history or military especially military history. Of coarse while watching it he would drop little bits of knowledge every minute or so. Explaining submarine classes to me or who’s military has the best submarines or technology either now or in the past.

It’s a great movie by the way, if you haven’t seen it. You know what else got to me or i should say has been getting to me more and more as i get older? Seeing Alec Baldwin (or any actor) when they are young which of coarse when i first saw this movie, he was an old adult, now he looked young. Especially actors i grew up watching, like Tom Hanks or Tom Cruise for that matter, i watched Top Gun every-time i went to my aunt Kathy’s house, she had it on VHS. So similar to this movie, i also always think of my aunt Kathy when i watch Top Gun.

Funny the connections we make.

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