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Kitchen Remodel: Part 1

I say part one but i technically did the backsplash first, but at the time i never intended to keep going, that was silly of me!

We have been watching a lot of fixer upper lately and at the same time have been feeling like our house is very dark, we wanted to brighten it up and since its a very country home we decided to go with white cabinets, ours were wood. Couldn’t stop there though, on a whim i decided to google “can you paint your counters”. Turns out the make these counter painting kits that make your counters look like granite, they have a few kinds, marble, granite, sandstone etc etc. The pictures online looked awesome and for a fraction of the cost. Of coarse they are not real granite but it looks the part. We decided the black marble look with the white cabinets would be best for us.

TONS OF WORK! We had our own deadline, 2 of them really. Definitely had to be done before our rehearsal dinner which is in august but would also be nice if we got it done before the bachelor/bachelorette party which also was going to take place at our home. It took long hours working before school, after work, any free time i could fit it in. On top of that i was re-siding the front of the house at the same time, i will post about that soon…..

Because of this i was not able to turn it into a do-it-yourself lesson, i got before and after photos, that’s it, i didn’t have time to stop and film things or take photos of each step. I literally hung the last cabinet door the night before the party.

The counter took layers of paint, then you had to spread these paint chips all over it, it was a mess!! Kitchen was a war zone. Lots of sanding, more layers of paint, then a top coat that didn’t come our right so i did a few layers, lots of trips to home depot.

Cabinets were no treat either, we have a good amount of cabinets and counter space, we need to sand it all, wipe it all down, prime it x2, paint it x2, take off all the old hardware which looked crappy, bought new brushed metal hardware, installed it all, hung it all. Its still not perfect but for the difference in cost, i’m happy.

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