Grandpa Lesson #1

Me & Grandpa

Me & Grandpa

I wanted to start a new topic category called “memories”. The plan is to post about 1 random memory a week. Its a 2-fold thing, for 1 it shares these memories with other people and 2 the memory will be here if i were to forget. So without further delay here is the first one ever.

My grandfather taught me some of life’s most important little lessons. Such as: mashed potatoes and gravy. I remember sitting at the dining room table in our house at 43 wagon wheel road. I can’t recall if it was a holiday or just a visit by my grandparents but there i was pouring gravy on my mashed potatoes only to have it run off and go all over my plate. I was getting frustrated because i didn’t want gravy on my vegetables. My grandfather noticed and leaned over to teach me a valuable lesson. How to turn your mashed potatoes into a volcano. He piled them up nicely and made a crater in the middle. He poured the gravy into the pool and my young little mind was blown.

I haven’t done it another way since, and I will never forgot my grandpa teaching me that!

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