Shadow is FREE!!

Yay! The lampshade has finally come off my doggie. We have all seen one, usually when a dog comes out of surgery they have to wear the “lampshade” or “e-collar” for a few days so they don’t open up their would, which is exactly what happened to me!!

My pooch had a growth on his face/chin area, in any dog’s favorite scratch area. It was looked at and thought it might go away, it did not and a surgery was scheduled to remove it. It was removed the contents sent out for testing, it turned out to be nothing serious *phew*. So they send my pooch home with me with the ol’ lampshade on and say he will be a bit whiny, not because he is in pain or anything but just because he is on some heavy meds. No problem!

This is the first stage which lasted about 2 weeks, i had to feed him by hand, give him water by hand + his meds. On top of which have you ever tried to sleep with an e-collar on? Of coarse not but you can image its not easy and i can image that this is what a parent must feel like. I have no kids but my pooch is my kid i would say. At night whenever he made any noise at all i would jump out of bed to see what he needed, if he needed water in the middle of the night how was he going to get it? Me! It was rough on him and on me as well, im trying to work, go to school and study all on not much sleep and a lot of stress. Not to mention other personal/family issue that i won’t go into at this time. SO now its time to have the stitches removed, getting the collar on him was so hard that i had no choice but to CUT it off. So we went to the vet where they removed his stitches and said he is all set. Now im not a complete idiot, i thought hmm, shout the collar go back on? They seemed to think he should be ok, so i went with it.

Home less then an hour and he starts itching, naturally! He ended up ripping it wide open, the thing was it opened right on the first swipe which to means 2 things; 1 is that it was not ready and 2 is that this would have happened at some point no matter what. So i’m freaking out and i call the vet and explain that he has opened his would, they say “well what do you mean open?” Now in no vet but i am going to paramedic school and weather its a dog or a human i can tell what a deep open laceration looks like. “Bring him in they say”. SO he is bleeding, i put him in the car and drive fast. We get there and the DR. comes over and looks at it, i can tell right away by the look on his face that he is thinking “My god….”. He tells me that Shadow will have to stay for a few hours and i can pick him up later. Ok, i want him to be healed but i am also thinking how the dog is traumatized about the vet now, he is back to square 1. I could go on but there is no point, it all happened again for another 2 weeks, everything i said above about feeding him by hand, not sleeping and generally taking care of him 24/7 which im happy to do, i love my doggie but right now in my life its just more then i need. We got through it though, he is done and free from his lampshade. There he is in that picture, taken after the lampshade came off and he is in his comfort zone, under my desk. Now off to take him for a walk before work!

Please excuse any typo’s or mistakes i don’t have time to proofread before work.

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  • Bdog61

    February 24, 2012 at 9:49 pm

    So Happy that he is doing better Bro. Thats a lot of trouble for the poor little guy but he is well worth it.

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