Freddy Mercury….Amazing & Sad!

So if you read my last post you know i have been listening to Streets of Philadelphia – Bruce Springsteen. I was on youtube and on the right hand side for recommended videos was Freddie Mercury – Streets of Philadelphia 1991. I clicked on it and then i fell down the youtube rabbit hole. I know the basics, Freddy Mercury contracted and then died of aids but i didn’t know the whole story so i decided to dig. I went to wikipedia to learn more (i wish i could study with this same interest). While i was reading the bio i clicked on Queen – Live Aid 1985 and was blown away by the performance. Well apparently thats nothing new, it has since been declared one of the greatest rock and roll performances of all time. He put son a great show and works really hard on stage and because of the way my mind works i couldn’t help but wonder, did he already have aids at this point? and how much did performances like this take a toll on his health?

Not satisfied with the wikipedia page i came across a documentary by national geographic. What i learned was many things including that off stage Freddy was a very shy and insecure guy, nothing like whats on stage, among many other things. I also learned that he found out he has aids in 1987, 2 years after the live aid concert. He kept it to himself although people in general had an idea what was going on but he denied it all the way until the end, or almost, one day before he passed he came out. Very sad as i know he knew, he could feel that it was the end, and wanted to end it with the truth. I also learned that his last video & song was when…..well, everybody found out. The song “These are the days of our lives” and the video that came out shocked people when they laid their eye on Freddy Mercury, i felt it too, from the live aid concert to this…..what a sad transition. I learned from the documentary that at the end of the video when he says “I Still love you” and looks dead into the camera, that was his goodbye, very emotional. Just like the Bruce Springsteen song, i have found that Freddy Mercury story to be haunting as well.

I just recently watching “Days of our lives” which is the Official Queen documentary. The natgeo one was more of a tv show they did little documentaries for the show and this was Mostly about Freddie but i felt it just wasn’t great…..

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