End of an era…

Now first off let me start by saying that i don’t expect many of you to understand this but lets give it a try.

An online game that i used to play was just shut down, it just was’nt doing to well, low amount of players, no new content the game was just dying slowly large in part to the owners not doing anything to it. This was an MMORPG which is Massively multiplayer online role-playing game these are virtual worlds, when i would logout and stop playing for the day the world, my friends everything else in the game still moved on, there were live events that you would miss if you had to work, it was a “realtime” world. You may have heard of a game called World of Warcraft which is probably the most well known of these types of games. The game im talking was The Matrix Online which is just what it sounds like, its the matrix, you take the role of a newly awakened redpill, you can choose a fighting style, a class, your appearance and much more and the best part os unlike make games you can switch these on the fly at anytime your not locked into 1 fighting style or class after all in the matrix they didn’t have these limits. I mean we did so much with this game, we would use a program called fraps to take in game movies, we would take images and put them on our faction site. Oh yeah, i forgot that i was the leader of my own faction, we were HUGE! We met lots of people and had a great time. There were ships, like in the movies. I don’t remember now but i think 10 people make up a ship, i ran the Liquid Fire, then we added another ship that my friend ran called Bushido, with 2 ships we now formed a faction, when all was said and done we had 5 ships. Many people.

We also ran an internet radio station that we are able to listen to in game, so we would go tot he club (in game) someone would dj and we would party all night. After awhile it was not even about playing the game as much as it was about going on and hanging out, think of it as the most advanced chat room you ever saw. Our website also very big and had lots of funny topic and debates going on over there it really was an all out good time and i miss it. We all eventually got bored and frustrated with the game itself because they were not adding to it, see online games are not like Nintendo games they contently expand, they have to or you just get bored of the same old same old. So slowly the faction started to die, we were loosing people that were moving on and rightfully so but also there was not many people coming to take their place, again the fault of the owners for all of this. Then of coarse it even hit me, but it kinda had too, i was loosing all the people i started it all with so i left too, leaving the faction in pieces with people still on it. I eventually came for a while, cleaned things up and was never able to restore it completely but was having fun again, but again it got old quick. Having the option to go back anytime i want is fine for me, when you cancel your subscription they dont delete your character or stuff so i could go right back to where i was at anytime and i liked to do that from time to time may’be if not just for nostalgia. Now its gone for good though, they closed it down which actually is rare you don’t see many games going out like this, not if people are still playing, im not saying it doesnt or cant happen but it is rare. Had i checked the website a few weeks ago i would have seen this and been able to play for the end, but i did’nt…

It may just be a game but it was an important and fun time period of my life and i will miss it and the people i played with, some of which i still talk with to this very day. Im not really sure what else i want to say except im upset but like i said i don’t expect anyone to understand why an online game with people i don’t really know being gone would upset me. But here are some images that i have left of my time in the Matrix, my character Nasado was a zionite that specialized in karate and kung fu and dual machine guns. As my final words i just want to say that i only scratched the surface of what we did and what could be done in the game but it cant all be put into words.



  • talie5in

    September 18, 2009 at 2:26 pm

    This game was bomb, man. It was the first MMO I ever played too, and I really enjoyed it.

    What I miss isn’t what the game became, but what the game had the potential to be. In fact, I think if someone were to come up with a server emulator where someone could run a server for 30-40 people, THAT would be the way to go. They could develop a full campaign for a small group of Zionites, etc. Continue to further the storyline as they see fit.

    Because the continuance of the storyline and the chance to interact your character with the characters of the movies (who survived) was the real lure of this game over other games. And what never really materialized was a delivery on this promise.

    The times we had were fun, and the friends I made were and are awesome, but for me the game itself, and the lack of Sony’s work on the Live Event front is what eventually drove me away. And Combat Revision 2.0. 🙂

  • Steve G

    September 30, 2009 at 8:28 pm

    My brother i have never played but trust me i do understand and know what you mean. It is not so much the game but the frienships formed and time spent with the others. Online friends are just as valid and real as meeting a person in the Flesh. Take you and I.

    Sorry to see this end for you bro .

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