Dissecting Hearts.

Just a few Saturdays ago we got to dissect hearts in class. Its was actually really fun. The main goal here was to just see how the heart works.

We read about it, we see pictures and we know better then the average human just how the heart works but now we can actually see the atria and the ventricles. We can see how thick and tough the myocardium is and we searched for the coronary arteries running through the muscle. We also go to see how big the aorta is, this is the artery that pumps blood out into systemic circulation, i made a comment that it looked like calimari, which made my teacher shutter and if my dad is reading this im sure i just ruined that food for him. I really enjoyed it and i don’t think many paramedic courses in my area do it. You can see a few pictures below if your not to squeamish.


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