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Chain Stores, also very true..

I went to the grocery store today and i ended up using the self checkout which is something i loath and it reminded me of this bit. Comedian Bill Burr’s take on this is not only hilarious but so true. I will say this though, while i agree wholeheartedly with what he is saying my experience today’s was pretty good.

There were not enough cashiers on, well it was a Tuesday mid-aftrnoon so that might be why. So i waited in line for what seemed like forever because people had carriages full of stuff and i only had 6-7 items and rightly so, they have a lot of stuff so they should use those checkout lanes. So i decided since i only have a few items that maybe i can handle the self checkout as it usually gives me anxiety and helper person has to come over and fix something. So i went over, took my time scanned my few items and i was out of there really fast. So maybe these self-checkout lanes do have their place, i’m not entirely convinced yet, take a listen and decide for yourself.

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