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Love This Guy….

I thought this was worth posting. If you were to ask me who is my hero (not a good word) or my idol, someone i look up to then i would have to say this man. Vangelis. Vangelis’s music is what got me into making music, well kinda. I loved the music very much, and…

The Amazing Spiderman

I am not sure how i feel about this. The are rebooting a series that is not that old to begin with. I don’t like the actors they chose (aside from denis leary) and im also not sure that i even like the story line they are going with. The villain in this one will…

Finally, The Hobbit!

I cannot express how much i want to see this movie. This was the first introduction i had to the lord of the rings series by watching this old cartoon years ago. Still wish they had released this first as it was the first in the series but whatever, ill take it either way.

My new favorite video.

Christian was a lion originally purchased by Australians John Rendall and Anthony “Ace” Bourke from Harrods department store of London, England in 1969 and ultimately reintroduced to the African wild by conservationist George Adamson. One year after George Adamson released Christian to the wild, his former owners decided to go looking for him to see whether Christian would remember them. He did, and with him were two lionesses who accepted the…