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Jess @ Jetty

We went for a walk on the jetty today, the first time me and Jess ever did even though we have lived here for years. We got a fisherman’s platter at Lobster Hut first of coarse. Its been awhile since i messed with photography so i took this shot!


This photo was taken in Martha’s Vinyard during a pretty good snow squall. Due to editing and filters you can see much snow falling, nor was it this bright out, much more grey. However i like the contrast of the blue water against the white snow this way.


Its been awhile since i have done any shooting….. My g/f actually asked me to take this photo. It seemed just like any old photo at first but then i tweaked it a bit, made the colors really pop and added some subtlety to other area’s. What i really like about this photo is how…

TSO 2013

This would be my 3rd time attending Trans-Siberian Orchestra. This is a tradition my dad started. We went 1 year with dad, it was his 7th year in a row i believe, the next year he was too sick to go, and this year we are keeping his tradition alive. My sister, my girlfriend and…

Cool Details

Sometimes in my line of work you get to work cool details. In November the Budweiser Clydesdale’s came to my town to deliver beer to the local bars downtown and the waterfront. It was very cool, they were pulling a very nice carriage with the beer and people were watching, almost seemed more like a…