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Movies & Memories

You never know whats going to trigger a memory. I decided to put this movie on the other night before bed. As i was scrolling through netflix and saw it, decided to watch it, clicked on it and clicked play at no point was i think of my Dad. However the second the movie opened…

My baby is gone….

Even though i have had pets all my life, i consider Cloud my first baby. Before him, i had a dog, Sam, she was a pit-bull. I loved that dog for sure but i was younger and at an age where you don’t appreciate things as much as you should, and for reasons i don’t…

Our Honeymoon

For our honeymoon we did a cruise to Bermuda. We had a tight timeline, we either go directly after the wedding or end up waiting a few months. We wanted to go right after the wedding. Therefore we had to cruise out of New York as there was nothing out of Boston this weekend. Not…