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Frame for boat cover

Depending on the type of boat you have, myself i have a bowrider so its empty space (seats) in front. When you put a cover on a boat, which you should do because it keeps excess water out, even though boats are made for the water you don’t want it pooling or sitting in your…

Resided House (Front)

So my house was built in the 80’s so its not a super old house however, there was this material they were using back then that is basically cardboard, particleboard something of the like. It was cheap and easy to install. Problem is, it retained water, and didn’t last long. The front of my house…

Kitchen Remodel: Part 1

I say part one but i technically did the backsplash¬†first, but at the time i never intended to keep going, that was silly of me! We have been watching a lot of fixer upper lately and at the same time have been feeling like our house is very dark, we wanted to brighten it up…

New Decorative fence

I wanted for a long time to add a fence to separate the driveway from the yard. Well, i had all these posts and boards that removed from the horse corral and replaced with newer wood. The horses need sturdy high fences but because these were old they were smaller, perfect for what i wanted….