Boat Project.

[note radius=”20″]I am a first time boat owner and by no means do i know what im doing mechanically yet. That being said, this is written from a layman’s point of view, while i was told what all the components do and what they are called, i didn’t exactly retain all the info…[/note]

Ok well this was not exactly suppose to be a project but hey, sometimes that’s just how things go. So i bought this boat off my Cousin. I saw the pictures and the listing on facebook and for the asking price it was a steal. I have attempted to buy a boat in the past and for awhile me and the girlfriend wanted one. So this seemed as good a time as any because for the price, it was much nicer then what i normally would have got. I wont get into the money details of coarse but like i said, i was a good deal. Well one thing led to another and there were a few more things wrong with it then were known. So for the sake of NOT having my mom say “i told you so” lets just say it cost me less then what i bought the boat for to fix it all up and that is owed to a good man i met named Ken. Ken owns (little plug for him) and he did great work at a great price, he really went above and beyond on this.

When i bought the boat it had an issue, a common issue in fact from what i found out. It would die (stall) when it was put in reverse. I knew about this, i knew it was not a hard fix so i purchased the boat. So after making some calls to varies places and some suggestions from people i know i ended up calling Ken, to have the reverse fixed. I knew it was the lower shift cable, Ken knew it was the lower shift cable, like i said, common problem. Well in order to fix the lower shift cable the out-drive must be removed, this is where ken found issues.

Diagram I_O

Sorry this is the best picture i could find for this. Ok so everything on the blue circle was rusted and damaged and needed to be replaced. The gimbal and the housing its connected to. All the hoses in there also had to go, the shift cable as well! Basically the entire hub that connects the outdrive to the inboard.

Outdrive Hub

Here it is! This is the old one. See inside? The white is all corrosion, there were metal o-rings in there that were just dust now. You can also see the wore out rubber hose there as well.

 new gimbal and housing.

Here is the new one, well actually a refurbished one. These are about $350, but ken got this for a fraction of that… You can see the new hoses and shift cable too.

Outdrive shaft & joint.


This is the old rusted outdrive shaft & joint. This is what connected to the engine and the outdrive and spun the propeller. It was completely seized.

outdrive fixed.


Here is the outdrive now with the new shaft and joint and a new propeller, the outdrive also got repainted, though i dont have a picture.

Rear of boat


This is the rear of the boat where that entire assembly, all those parts connect to.

Engine compartment.


This is the engine compartment, you might be wondering “where is the engine?”. Valid question! One of the motor mounts was cracked, the engine was actually sitting the left a hair, this is big problem, as you can image all those parts you saw earlier have to line up right. So the engine had to be pulled and Ken re-glassed the floor of the compartment. Ken found the bilge pump was hooked up wrong, there was a wire in the shift/throttle control for the trim to trim the engine up and down and it was failing causing the prop to trim on its own.



This is just a picture of the boat in dissary as its being worked on.

Below is exactly what was done and the parts required.





So once all this was completed i brought her home for the maiden voyage, i decided that her ocean days were over this boat will only be fresh water now and the biggest pond in my town is right in front of my house….perfect! However before bringing her out in public i wanted to clean it up a bit. I had washed it previously and tried to wax it but the faded, white cloudy look was not going away. So i did what i normally do is i you-tubed “how to clean a boat”. Turns out its oxidation that causes that to boats and its common, lots of sunlight and water. So what i needed to do was buffer it with some compound, then wax it. So after watching a few videos i decided to go with Buff Magic for the compound and i followed it with some McGuire’s wax. My boat was not bad so i was able to do one pass with the compound, wipe with terry cloth, one pass with wax, wipe with terry cloth. I had to do that in sections over the whole boat.

Here are the before pictures.

Now here are the after pictures, notice the color of the blue compared to before.

And finally, Here she is finally launched. IT was a big success, she started right up, shifted and drove like a dream and she is very fast!


  • Steve Gerro

    August 7, 2013 at 10:37 pm

    I am so thrilled for you my brother. She is a beautiful boat and i am sure there will be long days of thrills and fun in the future.

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