Blizzard 2015

I am 100% done with snow. So we are told we will be getting an “historic storm”. Well  it was pretty bad but it still was no blizzard of ’78. We ended up with something like 34 inches i guess, it seems to depend who you ask so lets not debate it. Being an “essential employee” means i had to work in these conditions. Well in a way it was a good thing, the drive home Monday night wasn’t great but it wasn’t terrible either. Tuesday morning was much more rough and there is a driving ban in effect for the whole day, this made the drive a microscopic bit better. However, in the long run it was a good thing because i was able to get my truck out still at this point, it’s kind of a beast, it should be able to do half the things it does so i put it in 4×4 and off i went, at this point no “cars” were going anywhere and it was getting questionable for small suv’s too even with 4×4.

When i got home Tuesday night the roads were very bad and my part of town seemed to have been abandoned by all town plows. My road which is private (more on that in a bit) has my house, my sisters house and about 5 others in a cul-de-sac further down, the whole road is probably 1/6 of a mile long and it was completely coated waist to chest deep. The entrance of the road the bottom of a hill was over the hood of my truck, this, i was not going to 4×4 through so i had to leave my truck down the street for the night which i wasn’t thrilled about but it turned out to be a good thing because i was the only one in the entire neighborhood that could get out, my sister truck was out too but that was gone with her husband who was plowing. Plus, the truck got stuck “on purpose” so i had to pull it out in the morning so again, good thing my truck was out. So Wednesday comes and we are stranded, after numerous phone calls we realize the town is not coming to dig us out because we are a private road. They took care of us for 5 years but this year, this storm, it all ends. Thanks!

The entire rest of the day was spent shoveling and making phone after phone call trying to get our road plowed, i don’t think my neighbors understand how much work we did and in the end a friend of ours is the one to help out, the neighborhood chipped in to pay him.

There is so much snow out here it truly wont melt until spring, there’s more to be told but i have written enough for tonight. Check out the pictures, they are more impressive if you have been here before.

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