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I’m just a guy from the Massachusetts area. I have a great family and the best Wife. I’m a true present day geek; i blog, i make electronic music, i take videos and pictures, i Photoshop & play video games. This is my pleasure time, i was also lucky enough to find work i love to, EMS (Emergency Medical Service). I am an EMT going to paramedic school and that’s my other passion. This website is where i blog about anything going on in my life, take your pick from the things listed above. As well as for you to learn about me, below you will find information about each of my main passions, hope its somewhat interesting to read.


I decided to take an EMT class because i really just wanted the extra points for the police exam, that’s what i thought i wanted to do with my life. Attending EMT class and learning about EMS, para-medicine and stories from my teachers i realized this is indeed what i must do. I am currently in Paramedic school so its something i also blog about, its a kind of release when im overloaded with school work. I like to listen to music when i study which relates to my most recent project

Chillax FMVisit

I wanted to find some good study music to listen to while, well…..studying. So i did a Google search and really did not find any site or radio stations that had this, as a theme or a genre. They have themes like “at work” and “rainy day”, but i thought of my own theme “late night study” and i spent a long time hand selecting music for my playlist. I listen to it anytime im studying. Then i realized that if i was searching for something like this, well someone else might be too, so let me provide it! Its a bit of a side project of mine.

Me and MusicVisit

I have always loved music who doesn’t? I felt that need to take it much further then that, and at the time my main music of interest was simply “Composers” such as Vangelis, Hans Zimmer, Danny Elfman. They all have inspired me to start making music. Which i think is a great thing, its what makes my music unique. I like to take this and mix it with my other favorite artists, portishead, tricky, massive attack and so on. I use mainly keyboards, synths, turntables and the computer to make all my music. I always look forward to collaborating with other artists.

Go check it out.

Me and PhotographyVisit

Long before i ever got into making music i was into all forms of art that relates to images. You know, photography, digital art, adobe Photoshop, Poser, Bryce and most recently shooting and editing videos (videography).


On Friday January 4th, 2013 @ 12:10 PM Dad’s battle with pancreatic cancer came to an end. He was surrounded by loved ones in his home. I wanted people to be able to come here to learn about this great man and then leave him a message, showing him not only how many people knew and loved him but that people will continue to get to know him and love him.

Things I Like!

My Skills!

  • HTML Professional
  • PHP Player
  • Adobe Tinkerer
  • Audio Production Hobbyist
  • CPR Certified
  • PALS Certified
  • ACLS Certified
  • PHTLS Certified
  • EMT Licensed
  • Medic Student
  • Windows Guru
  • Video Editing Hobbyist

More things i like!

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* This is an ever evolving list, i will be adding to it often, check back. Updated: 2/16/2016

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